3rd international Sphagnum farming workshop

Lower Saxony, Germany
September 29th - 30th 2017

The international exchange of research findings and practical experience on Sphagnum farming and harvesting was initiated by the first Sphagnum farming workshop held in Bremen (Germany) in 2005, and continued with a second workshop in Shippagan (New Brunswick, Canada) in 2011. In recent years, the activities around this topic have been intensified globally. The Greifswald Mire Centre and the University of Hannover did invite experts involved in Sphagnum farming and Sphagnum harvesting to exchange about progress, to discuss challenges and to identify solutions.

Key topics

  • Productivity of peatmosses: ecology, genetics, optimisation, growth retarding factors
  • Production of diaspores as seeding material
  • Water management: demand, quality, technical facilities
  • Quality of Sphagnum biomass: nutrients, target
  • Sphagnum species, vascular plants, fungi
  • Techniques for installation, management, harvest or collection, and processing
  • Applications: horticultural experiments, other applications, market potential, quality requirements

We would like to thank our funders!

The organisation of the 3rd international Sphagnum farming workshop is supported by: