Programme & details

In March 2021, the Greifswald Mire Centre hosts a conference on paludiculture. Video presentations, online discussion forums, posters and virtual excursions will allow you to share and widen your knowledge.

Download more informations here: Programme & details .

Virtual special workshops

For special issues and discussions we would like to provide the possibility for meeting in small groups via virtual workshops. To check the demand of that format, we kindly ask you to indicate your interest with a short abstract:

Virtual excursions

Excursions represent one of the most enjoyable and inspiring part of the programme when traveling to conferences. Virtual excursions will give us the opportunity to visit places in different countries within one conference! We invite you to prepare a short video for taking participants to your pilots and sharing your knowledge and experiences of your research project. Please write a short summary what you want to present and send it to We will give technical support and advice how to set up your video. We recommend you to start planning soon to use the current vegetation period for recording.

Virtual exhibition

We will open a virtual exhibition room for contractors, manufacturers and any other stakeholders to present their wetland related products, services and projects online. Please write a short summary what you want to present and send it to


If you are interested to provide financial support to the conference, please contact

Registration fees and deadline

Regular virtual: 60 €, reduced virtual: 30 €. Please contact us if you have problems financing your participation. We’ll try to find a solution.

Registration until February 20th 2021


1st Announcement (pdf | 4MB)
2nd Announcement (pdf | 4MB)
3nd Announcement (pdf | 2MB)
RRR2021 Programme & details (pdf | 1MB)