Conference week

In March 2021, the Greifswald Mire Centre hosts a conference on paludiculture. It includes an international conference, excursions, as well as technical exhibitions.

Programme & details

Presentations, discussions, posters and excursions will allow you to share and widen your knowledge. All poster presenters will have the opportunity to give a short introduction to their topic.

Key topics

  • Biomass to product
  • Paludiculture and food production
  • Paludiculture with trees
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and other climate effects
  • Water and nutrient dynamics
  • Vegetation development after rewetting and biodiversity
  • Regional and national transition of peatland use & socio-economics
  • Stakeholders and acceptance
  • Framework conditions and policy support
  • Case studies


Destinations will include rewetted peatland sites
and examples of biomass processing in Germany.

  • Cattail farming, wet meadow management and wetland biomass heating plant in the Peene river valley
  • Alder farming and rewetted alder carr
  • Sphagnum farming sites (Hankhauser Moor)
  • Fen restoration in the Peene river valley
  • Restoration of a coastal flood mire (‘Karrendorfer Wiesen’ near Greifswald) and Greifswald Mire Centre (Databases and research facilities)


We provide space for contractors, manufacturers and any other stakeholders to present their relevant products and projects at an indoor and outdoor exhibition. For details please contact

Pictures from the RRR2017