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Book “3 degrees more” and booklet “Political Ecology” hot off the press

05/07/2022 The book "3 degrees more - a look at the impending hot season and how nature can help us prevent it" is published today by oekom-Verlag. Prominent authors such as Hans J. Schellnhuber, Stefan Rahmstorf and Jutta Allmendinger describe what threatens nature and society because we are heading towards such high levels of global warming despite the Paris Climate Agreement, but also how we can prevent the worst. The chapter by Prof. Hans Joosten explains how rewetting peatlands combats the climate crisis. At the same time, Oekom is dedicationg with "Moore - Trumps in the Climate Crisis", an entire issue of the magazine Political Ecology to the topic, co-published by the Succow Foundation. It offers numerous articles by authors from the Greifswald Mire Centre, for example on the climate impact of peatlands, paludiculture, the political and legal framework or the financing of peatland protection measures.

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