• Sundew Cultivation [DE]

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At the University of Greifswald several research projects are focusing on the sustainable use of degraded peatland sites. The projects aim for the replacement of destructive forms of land use on peat soils such as maize cultivation, grassland use and peat mining with peat conservation and sustainable cultivation of adapted plants under wet conditions.

Further projects investigate fundamental traits as hydrological, biological or geochemical charateristics of wet and drained peat soils.

Sundew Cultivation [DE]

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Sundew Cultivation [DE]
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Sundew Cultivation [DE]
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Research on the cultivation of round-leaved sundew (Drosera rotundifolia L.) as a medicinal plant on rewetted raised bog grassland in Germany, with special consideration of co-use in peat moss cultivation. More ...

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Drosera, Medicine, Sundew, Cultivation
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