Case Studies 1_Lautkankare 2013 - Reed as a building material in Finland, Cofreen-project (pdf | 2526kb)
Case Studies 1_Van der Sluis 2013 - Reed resources in Poltava Oblast, Ukraine_ biodiversity conservation and bioenergy production (pdf | 19586kb)
Case Studies 1_Ye 2013 - Large-scale management of common reed, Phragmites australis, for paper production (pdf | 7686kb)
Case Studies 2_Gatkowski 2013 - Pelleting and co-combustion of reed, sedge an Cladium biomass in Poland (pdf | 18438kb)
Case Studies 2_Goriup 2013 - Wetland restauration and sustainable harvesting of biomass from reedbeds in the Lower Danube Region (pdf | 2285kb)
Case Studies 2_Kvet et al. 2013 - Determinants of sustainable biomass production in permanent wet grasslands dominated by Phalaris arundinacea (pdf | 16885kb)
Case Studies 2_Tanneberger 2013 - Can commercial reed cutting consent with biodiversity protection - A case study from Rozwarowo Marshes, Poland (pdf | 6009kb)
Closing_Workshops_Domanski 2013 - Research funding (pdf | 2430kb)
Closing_Workshops_Joosten 2013 - Final discussions and perspectives (pdf | 55kb)
Closing_Workshops_Soethe 2013 - Workshop on project cooperations (pdf | 35kb)
Closing_Workshops_Wichmann 2013 - Harvesting techniques & performance (pdf | 9369kb)
Ecosystem Services 1_Grosshans 2013 - A regional bioeconomy - Harvesting Typha for multiple co-benefits of nutrient capture, bioenergy... (pdf | 41263kb)
Ecosystem Services 1_Hemmi 2013 - Back to basics. Self-maintained simple concept of multifunctional water management in reed beds (pdf | 22272kb)
Ecosystem Services 1_Kumar et al. 2013 - Alum sludge - from waste to valuable raw material (pdf | 22544kb)
Ecosystem Services 2_Jurasinski et al. 2013 - GHG emissions from peatlands - Effects of rewetting and land use (pdf | 17598kb)
Ecosystem Services 2_Karki et al. 2013 - Effect of ground water level in greenhouse gas emissions from rewetted peatland cultivation with reed... (pdf | 12048kb)
Ecosystem Services 2_Palmborg 2013 - Reed canary grass on peat soils in northern Sweden - CO2 emission measurements on restored agricultural land (pdf | 29369kb)
Ecosystem Services 3_Kiviat 2013 - Common reed (Phragmites australis) fuel pellets and habitat management (pdf | 10332kb)
Ecosystem Services 3_Raabe 2013 - Effects of different cutting regimes on species diversity of rewetted fens (pdf | 4302kb)
Ecosystem Services 3_Sweers 2013 - Regulation of reed encroachment for nature conservation purposes by grazing water buffalos (pdf | 2045kb)
Genetics_Eller 2013 - The genetic variability of common reed - Ecophysiological aspects in a present and future perspective (pdf | 3643kb)
Genetics_Lambertini 2013 - Phyleogeography within the cosmopolitan genus Phragmites. A global approach to understand genetic diversity... (pdf | 12933kb)
HTC (pdf | 5353kb)
Harvesting Techniques 1_Croon 2013 - Saving reedbeds through giving economic value to reed (pdf | 1878kb)
Harvesting Techniques 1_Diogo 2013 - Exploring the potential of reed as a bioenergy crop in the Netherlands (pdf | 1690kb)
Harvesting Techniques 1_Koebbing 2013 - The utilization of common reed (Phragmites australis) - a review (pdf | 25821kb)
Harvesting Techniques 1_Krogulec et al. 2013 - Fen mires management in eastern Poland_methods, financing and impact on habitat (pdf | 19499kb)
Harvesting Techniques 2_Beckmann 2013 - Harvesting Technologies for reeds in Austria (pdf | 4119kb)
Harvesting Techniques 2_Dubowski 2013 - New generation of vehicles for harvesting of biomass and modern method of forming biomass bales train (pdf | 26194kb)
Harvesting Techniques 2_Mills 2013 - Sustainable management of reed beds for conservation (pdf | 5983kb)
Harvesting Techniques 2_Wichmann 2013 - Harvesting wetland biomass_specifying costs & benefits on company level (pdf | 2546kb)
Legal and economic framework_Ritterbusch 2013 - Winter reed cutting in the backlight of the German legislation (pdf | 1202kb)
Legal and economic framework_Witzel 2013 - Economic and legal conditions for reed use in Germany (pdf | 6746kb)
Life Cycle Assessment_Korda 2013 - Life cycle assessment. Feasibility of impact categories and indicators for paludicultures (pdf | 3009kb)
Life Cycle Assessment_Myllyviita 2013 - Sustainability assessment of common reed-based production (pdf | 628kb)
Life Cycle Assessment_Rixrath 2013 - Life cycle assessment of energy conversion from reed (pdf | 2312kb)
Opening Session_Brix 2013 - Growth and ecosystem services of Phragmites australis_ a cosmopolitan invasive species (pdf | 33729kb)
Opening Session_Joosten 2013 - The role of reed in the world of peatlands - from the desert to the swamp (pdf | 7527kb)
Processing Biomass 1_Krail 2013 - Sustainable energy conversion from reed biomass_=verview of lab scale and field test results (pdf | 3057kb)
Processing Biomass 1_Link 2013 - Reed as gasification fuel compared to woody fuels (pdf | 3607kb)
Processing Biomass 2_Kask 2013 - Essential properties of reed and their influence on combustion equipment (pdf | 4536kb)
Processing Biomass 2_Melts 2013 - Floodplain meadows as alternative source of biomass for bioenergy production (pdf | 1197kb)
Processing Biomass 2_Wichtmann 2013 - Biomass characteristics of wet fens in Belarus and the potential to substitute peat briquettes as a fuel (pdf | 10021kb)
Processing Biomass 3_Akermann 2013 - Thatched roof deterioration and impact of overgrowing with moss (pdf | 11616kb)
Processing Biomass 3_Dosdall 2013 - The role of lignin decomposing basidiomycetes in the decay of water reed (pdf | 5104kb)
Processing Biomass 3_Krus 2013 - The use of cattail material in building construction - innovative technological development,... (pdf | 1271kb)
Processing Biomass 3_Miljan 2013 - Thermal conductivity of timber framed walls insulated with reed (pdf | 6321kb)
Productivity and Site characteristics_Ikonen 2013 - Multipurpose planning of the Finnish coastline (pdf | 24856kb)
Productivity and Site characteristics_Kask 2013 - Common reed as a promising natural energy crop in Estonia (pdf | 15605kb)
Productivity and Site characteristics_Peterson 2013 - Remote monitoring of reed expansion on the coasts of the Baltic Sea (pdf | 54237kb)
Productivity and Site characteristics_Schroeder 2013 - Potential of paludiculture in North East Germany for climate protection (pdf | 2409kb)


Case Studies_Project Reports_Bhadra 2013 - Popularization & set up biogas plants in Bangladesh (pdf | 963kb)
Case Studies_Project Reports_Gaudig et al. 2013 - Sphagnum farming in Germany - 10 years on the road to sustainable growing media (pdf | 2011kb)
Case Studies_Project Reports_Lindvall & Palmborg 2013 - Bioenergy farms in a new landscape - applied reed canary grass research (pdf | 1179kb)
Ecosystem Services_Berglund & Berglund 2012 Reed canary grass and grass ley as bio-energy crops on peat soils (pdf | 3651kb)
Ecosystem Services_Guenther et al. 2013 - Does biomass harvesting alter the GHG balance of a rewetted fen (pdf | 1252kb)
Ecosystem Services_Hovorka et al. 2013 - Dynamics of aboveground biomass of a sedge fen (pdf | 2718kb)
Ecosystem Services_Joensuu et al. 2013 - Harvesting Common Reed for bioenergy and to improve the condition of Northern Karelian waters (pdf | 656kb)
Energetic and Material Use_Dahms & Wichtmann 2013 - Life cycle assessment of energy biomass from rewetted peatlands (pdf | 933kb)
Energetic and Material Use_Gerhardt et al. 2013 - Polymerisationsfaehige Furanderivate aus der LCF-Bioraffinierie (pdf | 843kb)
Potential Analysis_Hohlbein 2013 - Land use in the Thurbruch - a fen area shifting from drainage based agriculture to paludiculture (pdf | 830kb)
Potential Analysis_Quenum et al. 2013 - Characterization of peatlands soils and substrates for assessing agronomy potential (pdf | 2576kb)
Potential Analysis_Schulze et al. 2013 - A Decision Support System for the sustainable use of peatlands (pdf | 1667kb)
Potential Analysis_Voronova & Iital 2013 - Coastal reed beds in the Baltic Sea and assessment of the potential for use (pdf | 1175kb)
Sonstige_Hemmi et al. 2013 - COFREEN project presentation (pdf | 1392kb)
Sonstige_NovaBiotech Dr.Fechter GmbH 2013 - Repowering von Biogasanlagen (pdf | 1098kb)